Frequently Asked Questions

What is Simplified Gifting?

Simplified Gifting is a subscription box service designed for busy people who want a stress free solution that makes the gift giving experience simple and and enjoyable. If you despise the idea of going to a store (where you are forced to socially distance,) hate lines or standing in a card aisle for hours finding the perfect card, this subscription service is for YOU! 

What's in the box?

The box will contain a variety of gifts, a greeting card and wrapping supplies, all curated around a theme. What you do with the gifts is up to you! The items work well together and are ready to gift with the wrapping supplies or you are more than welcome to enjoy them for yourself. 

How does the membership work?

 You can set up the membership the way that you want it to be! If it's month to month or 6 months at a time, you can decide how long you want to have gifting simplfiied. As a subscriber, you can log into your account at any time to pause your account or cancel. If you have already been charged for the month, the cancellation or pause will go into effect the next month. If you prepay for a year, you will get 1 month FREE! 

When are the boxes shipped?

Our boxes will ship from California on or around the 4th of each month.

How much is shipping and where do you ship to?

Each box has a $9 flat rate. It's not included in the price of the box because we want to maximize the items you receive in each package, not use some of that cost to cover shipping. in fact, shipping actually costs more than you pay, but we absorb the rest. We only ship within the United States. Shipping charges vary for items from our shop.

When are the subscriptions renewed?

 Subscriptions will be renewed on the 11th of each month. You will receive a friendly email on the 10th reminding you that this charge will happen so that there are no surprises and give you a chance to update any billing information or your address. 

What if I need a specific theme or want to customize a box?

We understand that gifting is personal and you have specific occasions that you need gifts for, which is why we have a "change my theme" time frame window for our subscribers to change their theme. If you need customization beyond this or are interested in a different theme, you are always welcome to reach out to us for more customization! Please note that our customization my have some limitations, but we would love to hear from you to see what we can do. Email us at

What if I need more than what is listed?

We would love to hear what your gifting needs are and see how we can help! We have a gifting consultant that can work with you to create a custom gift experience for you that is simple and enjoyable! Please email us at 

Can we work together? (For Small Business Owners or Influencers)

Yes! We are always on the look out for great products that we can incorporate into our themed boxes. For being an influencer, it would be great for you to share my box with those who follow you! Please email 

Are you ready to subscribe to Simplified Gifting? 

If your question was not answered through these FAQs, please reach out to us at

If all your questions are answered and you are soooo excited to start your subscription that makes gifting enjoyable and stress free, click below!