About Us

Kelsey is the Founder and Chief Gifter of Simplified Gifting - a subscription box and online community for those who want a simple solution to give gifts in a stress free and enjoyable way! 

Simplified Gifting was created to provide a convenience for our subscribers for something always on their to do list; give a gift!  The business started in 2020, during a global pandemic known as Covid-19. This pandemic impacted people on so many levels, but during this time, they still celebrated milestones such as birthdays, graduations and weddings, even if it looked different. No matter what the occasion is, people still sent gifts, whether it was for welcoming a baby, buying a home, get well soon or sympathy. 

There are so many reasons to send a gift, so this subscription service is here to make that simple for you; whatever the occasion and whenever you need it. Gift giving can now be something you look forward to, because we do the work while making you look good! 

If you are interested in learning more or have any questions about our business, feel free to email me at Kelsey@simplifiedgifting.com

A little about our mission...

Simplified Gifting exists to:

-Provide a convenience to our subscribers and put the JOY back into gifting

-Support Small Businesses, by sourcing gifts from them and introducing them to our subscribers (exclusive gifters)

-Give back to our local community for those in need, by creating a "gift of life" box filled with life essentials

Are you ready to subscribe to Simplified Gifting?

Once you are a subscriber (or we like to call them "Exclusive Gifters!") you will learn even more all of the ways that we can simplify gifting for you! If there is ever a time that you need more out of your subscription experience, because you have so many gifting needs, we have a gifting consultant standing by to help you!